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Who is participating?

Adults who are given a diagnosis of FMD by neurologists at participating centres were considered for the trial if:

  1. They were aged 18 or over

  2. All investigations and test had been completed

  3. Motor symptoms caused distress or impairment

This research trial is not suitable for everybody with FMD. The main reasons why somebody may not fit the study criteria were:

  1. Psychological or psychiatric problems that may have interfered with their ability to complete the physiotherapy treatments.

  2. Health problems other than FMD that caused most of the persons symptoms or disability.

  3. The person had pain, fatigue or seizures that could have interfered with their ability to engage in very active physiotherapy treatment.

  4. The person needed a lot of assistance to move, for example help to use the bathroom.

Can I sign up to the trial?

Unfortunately, recruitment came to an end on 31 January 2022.

See FAQs for more information.

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