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May 2024

The main trial outcomes have now been published in the journal, Lancet Neurology. Click here to go to the study outcomes.

October 2023

Analysis is nearly complete! Stay tuned...

April 2023

The data is now being analysed by the trial statisticians and health economists. We will aim to publish the results by the end of the year.

January 2023

All participants have now been followed up.

January 2022

The recruitment period has come to an end! We recruited 355 participants out of our extended minimum recruitment target of 357. The trial now moves into the follow up phase. Each participant is followed up at 6 and 12-months after recruitment. We anticipate the data will be ready for analysis by May 2023.

August 2021

Recruitment restarted after being suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

April 2021

The trial team are successful in securing additional funding to allow the trial to be extended for 22 months. This extension will allow recruitment of another 90-120 participants to mitigate against the negative effects of the pandemic on the trial results. Recruitment will recommence in the summer.

September 2020

NHS physiotherapy services begin to resume across the U.K. from September onwards. The trial participants whose treatment was delayed by the pandemic start to receive their allocated treatment over the coming months. However, this treatment is much later than planned and, in some cases, received after the participant had completed their 12-month trial questionnaires.

April 2020

The recruitment period officially ends on the 30 April; however, no recruitment has taken place since mid-March due to the pandemic.

March 2020

Recruitment reaches 267 by mid-March, meaning our minimum recruitment target of 264 has been achieved. Unfortunately, no further recruitment takes place for the remainder of the recruitment period due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Physiotherapy services across the U.K. are suspended whilst the NHS redeploy staff and resources to deal with the pandemic. Approximately 90 trial participants were waiting for their allocated treatment at this time.

February 2020

Recruitment hits 250!

Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Foundation trust recruits their first participant.

January 2020

Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Foundation trust opens to recruitment.

December 2019

James Cook University Hospital opens to recruitment.

September 2019

Recruitment hits the halfway mark - 132 participants.

July 2019

The trial hits 100 participants recruited.

June 2019

Southmead Hospital, Bristol recruits their first participant!


April 2019

Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham recruits their first trial participant!

March 2019

Southmead Hospital, Bristol opened to recruitment this month.

King's College Hospital (London), Ninewells Hospital (Dundee), Western General Hospital (Edinburgh) and The Walton Centre all recruited their first participants this month!

Our superb research nurse, Emily, at Dorset County Hospital won the 'Rising Star' category at the Wessex Clinical Research Network Awards for her work on setting up a neurology research portfolio within the hospital. Well done, Emily!

February 2019

The following trial sites opened to recruitment this month:

  • King's College Hospital, London

  • Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham

  • Ninewells Hospital, Dundee

  • Western General Hospital, Edinburgh

  • The Walton Centre, Liverpool

Dorset County Hospital recruits their first participant!


January 2019

The Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield recruits their first trial participant!

December 2018

Salford Royal recruits their first trial participant!

November 2018

Trial sites open to recruitment this month:

  • Salford Royal

  • Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield

  • Dorset County Hospital

St George's University Hospital recruits their first participant!

September 2018

The first trial site opened to recruitment - St George's University Hospital, London


March 2018

Ethical and Health Research Authority approval granted


September 2017

Trial team notified of successful funding application

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